Purpose of CeLEA

CeLEA is the national association of private sector eLearning and digital communication companies in Canada.

The purpose of CeLEA is to:

1. Promote the capabilities and interests of individuals and enterprises engaged in the elearning/digital industry in Canada.
2. Promote, model and research excellence in the design, development, and delivery of all technology enhanced learning and communication

Contact one of Canada's suppliers from CeLEA's membership directory, in the tab under "Members" more information on joining and supporting CeLEA.

CeLEA News

CeLEA helps businesses and organizations with eLearning experts.

Send your Requests for Proposals and Job Openings to admin@celea-aceel.ca

CeLEA will send notice of the opportunity to its members.

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Clint Clarkson joins CeLEA's Board

The Board of Governors appointed Clint Clarkson as interim members of the Board of Directors.Clint's term extends to the next Annual General Meeting. Clint is the founder of eLearning Alchemy.

Clint joins Board members Mollie O'Neill (Brigus Learning), Dr. Laurelle Bapitiste (Vocalmeet) and Susan Hurrell (Neovation).

Member Profile

What We Do
Lingel Learning is an experienced and trusted e-learning development company. We are a Certified Canadian Moodle Partner that offers a range of services including Moodle hosting, development, support, integration, multi-tenancy, training and course development.

How We Do It
We have evolved and developed as a response to our diverse client base, constantly improving and innovating solutions that help our clients get the most out of Moodle and Course Development. Be it start-up or large corporations, we have the knowledge and resources to tailor solutions to fit with any timeline and budget.

Who We Work With
We work across a diverse range of industries encompassing Corporate, Government, Education and Not-for-profit. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results to all our clients locally and globally.

What People Are Saying
"Virtual Slate is a powerful tool that helps our organization get the most out of Moodle. We like its intuitive user interface, customizable branding and Reporting Dashboards"

"enrolmart simplified the process of selling courses in Moodle. We sell both online courses and face to face sessions. Our life has been made so much easier by automating purchase and enrolment process end to end"

Member Profile: Vocalmeet

What We Do

Vocalmeet works with professional organizations to bring continuing education online

How We Do It:

Vocalmeet provides a fully managed online platform for your organization. We handle all of the setup, course content creation, and technical support for users. We make offering online courses simple and it's easy to get started. We also provide a full range of marketing assistance to help market your online courses.

Who We Work With:

We work side-by-side with a wide range of professional organizations.
Our online technology solutions—fit for small and large organizations alike—offer the following:
•    Positive ROI: - Profitability just one month after platform launch
•    Fast and effortless implementation: - Full setup in just one week
•    Ease of use: - View on any device, including mobile
•    Regulatory Compliance: - Fully equipped with features to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements

What People Are Saying:

Vocalmeet worked with us every step of the way to build interactive online courses and to provide a learning management system that is very easy to use. They additionally developed a single sign on integration between Vocalmeet’s learning platform and our membership portal and they continue to provide end user support for our members. I’m very happy to share my positive experience with Vocalmeet and the seamless implementation of this major project.
Professional Engineers

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